GHIBLI Music Box for a Sleepless Night

1 Carrying You"Castle in the Sky"(Music Box)
2 The Path of Wind"My Neighbor Totoro"(Music Box)
3 Legend of the Wind"Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind"(Music Box)
4 If I've Been Enveloped By Tenderness"Kiki’s Delivery Service"(Music Box)
5 Stroll"My Neighbor Totoro"(Music Box)
6 One Summer's Day"Spirited Away"(Music Box)
7 My Neighbor Totoro"My Neighbor Totoro"(Music Box)
8 Country Road"Whisper Of The Heart"(Music Box)
9 Princess Mononoke Theme Song"Princess Mononoke"(Music Box)
10 Always With Me"Spirited Away"(Music Box)
11 A Town With An Ocean View"Kiki’s Delivery Service"(Music Box)
12 The Merry-go-round of Life"Howl’s Moving Castle"(Music Box)
13 Ponyo By the Cliff By the Sea"Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea"(Music Box)
14 Vapor Trail"The Wind Rises"(Music Box)
15 Arrietty's Song"Arrietty"(Music Box)
16 Teru's Song"Tales From Earthsea"(Music Box)
17 Become the Wind"The Cat Returns"(Music Box)
18 The Bygone Days"Porco Rosso"(Music Box)
19 The Name of Life "Spirited Away"(Music Box)