Sparkling Beach
2007/11/16 | AVICD60488/9
靈魂性V.S.旋律性組成的GTS流浩室GROOVE!日本浩室音樂的先驅=GTS。2007全新專輯「浩室閃亮海灘Sparkling Beach」!從美國到依比薩、日本到韓國,活動範圍不計其數!收錄Swing Out Sister的名曲「Now You're Not Here」浩室翻唱版本及大衛佛斯特名曲「Through The Fire」的全新演唱混音版!原創專輯+夜店混音的2CD豪華雙片裝!
1 Now You're Not Here feat.Melodie Sexton
2 I'm Not In Love
3 Drivin'
4 Take To The Sky feat.Melodie Sexton
5 Do You Love Me feat.arugarei
6 The Shadow Of Your Smile
7 One Dream feat.Robbie Danzie
8 Funkin' For Jamaica feat.Melodie Sexton
9 Tribal Alert
10 Love Is In The World
11 Sky High feat.arvin homa aya
12 Through The Fire feat.Melodie Sexton (DAISHI DANCE Dramatic Anthem)
1 Now You're Not Here (Club mix)
2 Through The Fire (DAISHI DANCE Dramatic Anthemd-12inch mix-)
3 I'm Not In Love (Club mix)
4 The Shadow Of Your Smile (Club mix)
5 Do You Love Me (Club mix)
6 One Dream (Club mix)